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Launch - Proof Of Concept

Rather ambitiously, we have created an entire platform for students to learn about eSports in a fun way. With 'consensus' at the heart of the project, we enabled students to vote on the Ethereum blockchain as to what they want to learn, and what games they want to play. This was later translated into a curriculum for teachers to sit in order to be facilitators. We now have 75+ schools from all over the world sign up to participate. 

Teacher Registration

Teachers who have registered will get a free lesson on the lightning network and will be the first to be offered certification via the student consensus of content curriculum.

Teacher info packs are on the way! 


Local Competitions

With the first successful local competition(s) running at Wooranna Park Primary School - Teachers who have registered will be given a template on how to run their own local competition at their school, which will then enable students to compete in global competitions.

Initial prize money: 10,000 Satoshis!

Global Competition(s)

Global competitions are much harder to implement than local, with time differences and consistency of networks etc. We will be drawing on industry expertise to facilitate the global competitions.  


We want to create a global circular economy around eSports. Lightning payments for prizes that can be used to participate in future eSports events and to stay up-to-date with the latest student lead curriculum. 

Industry Collaboration

With so many eSports and gaming organisations based in Australia, we will be collaborating with organisations that have the same mind-set in terms of student-centric education and empowerment through gaming. 


Student voted Curriculum

Having successfully run a trial of the blockchain voting mechanism with students in a live environment. We want to make this accessible to everyone cross platform, which will need considerable development time.

Teacher Exams

Registered teachers will be able to upskill themselves with the student created curriculum and sit the exams students have created via consensus. 

Voting on Games

We want to eventually cater to every type of genre of competitive game, and allow students to vote on which games we compete in on both a local level and international level.